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Building a new or refreshed brand strategy starts by creating a strong "brand narrative."  Developing such a narrative or brand story begins with obtaining a keen insight into our client's core values and principles.  Pierce Branding believes that obtaining this in-depth knowledge of our client's mind-set, company business goals and overall philosophy is key to brand enhancement or creation.  Without this true character perspective, it is difficult to build a brand.

First Indemnity

In 2013, while running Target Program Marketing Services for TMPAA, Pierce Branding's principal was introduced tot he owner of First Indemnity Insurance Group in MA.  Desperately in need of a brand makeover, FI's owner engaged TPMS to start from scratch and build a new brand from the ground up.

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Having created two new websites for the founder of Employment Practices Risk Management Association, Pierce Branding was invited to revamp a ten-year old website and build a stronger narrative for a non-profit organization with its own Risk Purchasing Group.

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LaPointe Law

LaPointe Law specializes in responding to EEOC, state agency, and NLRB charges, as well as defending employers in employment lawsuits.  The attorneys of LaPointe Law are devoted to one core, guiding principle – assisting their clients in the most effective, efficient and focused manner possible.

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